Zara’s Bizarre Arm Warmer Becomes The Subject Of Twitter Jokes

December 21, 2020 0 By boss

Zara’s “Arm-warmer-style sweater” is going viral.

Winter chic or downright bizarre? Opinion is divided on whether a pair of knit white sleeves with a high neck – on offer by high street brand Zara – is fashionable or ridiculous. Zara’s “Knit Arm Warmers” began to gain attention after a Twitter user shared a pic of the winter wear item on the microblogging platform. 

“Hey, is Zara okay?” asked Twitter user Abby, sharing a pic that shows the arm warmers on display inside a Zara store. The price tag on the cream-coloured sleeves reveal that they retail for $29.90.

At Zara’s online store, the “Arm-warmer-style sweater with a high neck and long sleeves” is available for Rs 1,790. Made of viscose, polyester and nylon, the sleeve-sweater has become the subject of hilarious jokes and memes on Twitter. 

The tweet has garnered over 76,000 ‘likes’ in three days, along with hundreds of amused comments.

“You laugh now but one day your neck and arms are gonna be extra cold and you’ll regret the lack of coverage your sweater vest offers,” one Twitter user quipped.


“Is this for a horse?” another asked. 

A few people shared other strange fashion innovations

And some posted in defence of the sweater sleeves, sharing their own pics in similar garments.

This is not the first time that a Zara outfit has grabbed eyeballs. Two years ago, their skirt gained attention for bearing a striking resemblance to the Indian lungi.

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