WWE Network to NBC’s Peacock: What wrestling fans need to know

March 10, 2021 0 By boss



Fastlane will air on both the WWE Network and Peacock.


Seven years ago, in the lead to WrestleMania 30, WWE triumphantly announced its very own streaming service in the WWE Network. Now, in the lead to WrestleMania 37, the WWE Network will be “going dark” in the US. From April 4, pro wrestling fans will need to use NBC’s Peacock streaming service to watch new and old shows, including live pay-per-view events.

WWE Fastlane, airing on March 21, is the trial run. The event will broadcast on both the WWE Network and Peacock. That’ll be the last such event that streams on the WWE Network in the US though, since WrestleMania is on April 10 and 11, a week after the WWE Network is deactivated.

Can I transfer my WWE Network subscription to Peacock?

Sadly there will be no automatic transferal of subscription, so you’re going to have to do this the old fashioned way: By taking 45 seconds to sign up to a new streaming service.

Peacock has three tiers: Free, Premium ($5) and Premium Plus ($10). For WWE pay-per-views, you’ll have to buy in to a Premium account. That’s some good news, as you’ll notice such a subscription is half the monthly cost of the WWE Network. For the time being there’s some even better news, as NBC is offering Premium at half price ($2.50 a month) specifically for WWE Network subscribers.

Some WWE content is coming to Peacock Free, too. That includes reality shows like Total Divas, Total Bellas and Miz and Mrs., as well as Raw Talk and The Bump talk shows. NBC notes that “recent in-ring content” will also come to Peacock’s Free tier, but it’s unclear what that means at this point.


WWE will have its own tab on Peacock.


When will WWE deactive the WWE Network?

April 4. WWE has said the Network will “go dark” on that date. That’s some vague terminology, but it certainly means there won’t be much to see on your WWE Network app.

Will the entire WWE Network come to Peacock

Yes, but not at first. From March 18, this is all the WWE content Peacock will have:

  • Every pay-per-view event in the last calendar year.
  • Episodes of NXT the day after TV broadcast, episodes of Raw and SmackDown 30 days after TV broadcast.
  • Recent episodes of Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Sessions, as well as WWE Chronicle and WWE Icons.
  • Select documentaries, including Undertaker: The Last Ride and episodes of WWE 24 and WWE Untold.
  • Every past WrestleMania.

NBC promises to get the rest of the WWE Network’s content (which is lots and lots of stuff) by SummerSlam, so by the end of August.

What if I don’t live in the US?

You don’t have to worry! For now, at least, the move only effects users in the US. We’ll have to see if WWE seeks similar deals — NBC is reportedly paying WWE $1 billion for Network content — in other countries.


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