World War 3: Germany warns Iran it would be ‘unacceptable’ to block UN nuclear inspection | World | News

World War 3: Germany warns Iran it would be ‘unacceptable’ to block UN nuclear inspection | World | News

February 16, 2021 0 By boss


Iran announced on Monday that it will block an inspection from the UN’s nuclear watchdog, the International Atomic Energy Agency next week. The German government has now warned it would be “unacceptable” to block UN investigators. A German diplomatic source said: “It would be completely unacceptable should Iran obstruct IAEA inspections.

“We urge Iran to refrain from this step, and are in close contact regarding this issue with our partners, including the United States.”

On Monday, the Islamic Republic demanded the signatory states of the 2015 nuclear deal, adhere to the obligations of the agreement or it will continue to ramp up its uranium production.

Iran had also warned it will ramp up its uranium enrichment programme after the country’s top scientists, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh was killed last year.

Although it is unknown who assassinated the scientist, Fakhrizadeh was instrumental in the country’s nuclear proliferation and had been identified by the Israel government as a key player in Iran’s nuclear programme.

Both the US and Iran withdrew from the 2015 nuclear deal which saw the former enforce crippling economic sanctions on the Islamic republic, under Donald Trump.

The 2015 deal put a limit on Iran’s nuclear proliferation and was also signed by France, China, Russia, Germany and the UK.

Although Mr Biden has indicated his intent to restore the deal, he has refused to drop sanctions on Iran which have severely impacted the economy.

In response, Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei said: “If the US wants Iran to return to its commitments, it must lift all sanctions in practice, then we will do verification then we will return to our commitments.

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They said: “This is one of the most serious nuclear steps that they’ve taken.

“It’s pretty provocative.

“The production of uranium metal has potentially grave military implications.”

Last month, the UK, France and Germany all stated the production of uranium has no credible civilian use.

In response, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said: “President Biden has been very clear in saying that if Iran comes back into full compliance with its obligations under the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, the United States would do the same thing and then we would use that as a platform to build, with our allies and partners, what we called a longer and stronger agreement and to deal with a number of other issues that are deeply problematic in the relationship with Iran.

“But we are a long ways from that point. Iran is out of compliance on a number of fronts.

“And it would take some time, should it make the decision to do so, for it to come back into compliance in time for us then to assess whether it was meeting its obligations.

“So we’re not – we’re not there yet, to say the least.”


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