Where to buy your holiday meats online for Passover and Easter

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If you’re hosting Easter this year, you might be hawking for a beautiful rib roast, leg of lamb or spiral ham to serve your pandemic pod on April 4. Brisket also shines this time of year and I’m not even talking about barbecue season, which is right around the corner, I’ll have you know. Passover is upon us, and it is as brisket-centric as holidays get — just ask any bubbe. If you’re planning to slow-cook a brisket or roast for either holiday, there are plenty of options for buying quality meat online and at a fair price. 

Certain cuts of meat — brisket, lamb and beef roasts included — can be tricky to find in a pinch depending on your local market’s inventory or your own access to a good butcher shop. With so many places to buy meat online, you’ll not only save yourself a trip to the store but ensure that you’ve got the exact size and grade of brisket you need for your bash. We previously curated a list of the best online meat delivery services and to make things even easier, I’ve combed through all of them to pull out the best briskets, hams, lambs and rib roasts for your Passover Seder or Easter celebration. 

And if you have no interest at all in cooking for these spring holidays, I hold exactly zero judgment — there’s been a whole lot of that this year. Goldbelly, one of the best online markets for prepared food, has full Passover and Easter feasts from some of the country’s best restaurants. These dinners feed as many as 10 and are ready to ship, needing little more effort from you than to heat and eat. Snag a full Passover feast for four to six from Junior’s in New York, for instance, or Momofuku’s famous Bo Ssäm Dinner that’ll feed eight to 10 hungry folks.

To the best of my knowledge, these online butchers and meat delivery services are operating at full capacity, but please check individual services before placing your order to ensure it will arrive in time. Most of the websites have handy chatbots to help answer questions about inventory, logistics and shipping times.

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Finding kosher brisket online is tricky but luckily Goldbelly — one of our favorite online markets for high-end eats from restaurants around the country — has a few options. Charm City Kosher offers kosher for Passover cuts of brisket via Goldbelly in a range of sizes starting at 3.5 pounds all the way up to 12. 

West Coast Prime Meats sells a smaller 2-pound kosher brisket, also on Goldbelly, if your Seder table is going to be a bit smaller this year.


Lamb is a total Easter tradition and there ain’t nothing prettier than a full rack. Rastelli’s offering comes in the form of two 25-ounce racks of top-quality Australian grass-fed lamb, trimmed and ready to be roasted, sliced and served. Just don’t forget the mint jelly. 

The shipping deadline to arrive before Easter is March 27.

Holy Grail Steak Co.

Kurobuta pork is raised with some of the highest standards in the business and makes for rich and flavorful meat. This 8-pound rack is already Frenched by Holy Grail’s butchers and will be a total attention-grabber when you drop it on the Easter table. 

Porter Road

If bones aren’t your thing, try Porter Road’s boneless leg of lamb. This non-GMO cut is enough to serve four to six people. If you order soon, Porter Road will throw in a pound of hot Italian sausage on any order over $75.

Crowd Cow

A rib roast is good for any holiday gathering since it’ll feed a small army. Especially this 7.5-pound beast from Crowd Cow which you can have delivered in time for Easter or Passover if you order soon. The 3-bone rib roast is prime grade and pasture-raised. A showstopper of a main course, to be certain. 

For pork enthusiasts, Crowd Cow is also dishing out a 6-pound smoked bone-in heritage ham for $55.


Ham is the other go-to Easter main and Rastelli’s has a 7-8 pound spiral beauty that will arrive before Easter Sunday if you order by March 27. The ham ships bone-in and serves upwards of 25 folks. If you’re not planning to have, say, 25 people over, save the leftovers for decadent ham and cheese sandwiches. 

You can and should also add a 2-pound tray of scalloped potatoes (just heat it in the oven and serve) for $19 and have most of Easter dinner covered before you even lift a knife.

Snake River Farms

If you’re looking to spoil yourself, Snake River Farms has high-end American Wagyu beef and that includes fatty briskets. Snag a 12-pound Wagyu beef brisket with ultrarich marbling starting at $149. Or go for the gold — gold-grade brisket that is — which is just a little pricier but has even more fat marbling and is about as good as brisket gets.


D’Artagnan has fresh and frozen briskets ready to ship, starting at $110. The briskets come in a 7-pound cut only, so if that’s too much, you can portion it off and stick some in the freezer for later. D’Artagnan has a slew of other high-end cuts, charcuterie and pantry items so you can stock up on meats as we roll into grilling season. 

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Porter Road

Porter Road has one of the best selections of quality meats you can order online and some very solid deals on brisket right now. Secure Porter Road’s 8- to 10-pound brisket, which is pasture-raised without hormones or antibiotics, for $90 while it’s in stock. If that’s too much beef — and it is a lot of beef — you can always portion, pack and freeze it for barbecue season. 

Thrive Market

Thrive is a sprawling market with a large meat selection. It’s the perfect place to build a custom box for Easter or Passover with great cuts of meat; but you can also throw in the wine, dry goods and whatever else you need to celebrate. 


If cooking is just not in the cards this year, let some of the finest chefs in the land do the work. You can order complete Passover and Seder meals for your celebration that’ll ship ready to heat and eat. We’re talking food from serious restaurants too, like Seder dinner from Liebman’s or Junior’s — two famous New York outposts. 

For Easter, try this pork shank kit for four from Stephanie Izard’s iconic Girl & The Goat in Chicago or David Chang’s drool-worthy Bo Ssäm dinner for four to six via New York’s legendary Momofuku.

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