’ Violent Hatred of Jews Exposed Among Students at Elite German University Fraternity : worldnews

February 27, 2021 0 By boss


Its a hallmark trait of the mostly leftwing student organizations in Germany to happily generalize every bit of information they find on German fraternaties – so long as it fits their world view, of course.

The landscape of German fraternaties is divers reaching from far right extremists to liberal and open fraternaties with supporters of all parties of the german parliament. They are not orgamized in one body (although there are several umbrella organisations). There are hundreds of fraternaties with tens of thousands of members and all of them are unique in a way.

Among their traditions are reactionary ones but they were also among the first to demand civil rights and democracy in Germany long before the general public had this idea. This line of tradition is also still alive within this community (if you can call it that) and exist along the new lines of tradition that have neen added in the Kaiserreich and during the Nazi dictatorship. And tgeir coexistence is not a peaceful one either. Burschenschaften will happiliy go for each others throat over political differences.

So you see, there ARE also sane poeople there. Of course you need to be able to differentiate and not rely on prejudice all the time.


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