US decision not to punish crown prince puts us in grave danger, Saudi exiles say. Dissidents decry lack of sanctions for Mohammed bin Salman over Khashoggi killing and warn of ‘permanent impunity’ for Saudi heir : worldnews

March 4, 2021 0 By boss


I mean this is exactly why Biden should have punished him. But haven’t we known for years he can act with impunity after he did arranged this murder?

Did any of us actually think the US would stand up to the House of Saud?

I’m surprised Biden released the report saying MBS was responsible… but that’s about it. I’m not surprised the US has no interest in holding the Saudis accountable.

Otherwise you might have seen the US do something about Al Qaeda, rather than invade Iraq and usher in newer and shittier terror groups in the region like ISIS. Who are paid for by the Saudis too!

I suppose American foreign policy needs Jihadis to bomb in the future and upsetting their puppet masters changes the price of oil too much for the US to stomach.

But nobody should be surprised they got a light tap on the wrist for murdering Khashoggi


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