Update on IMPACT Wrestling plan that Sammy Guevara turned down

February 16, 2021 0 By boss


Reports emerged over the weekend that Sammy Guevara had gotten some backstage heat in AEW following him voicing his concerns over an IMPACT Wrestling storyline that he was set to be involved in. Now, Dave Meltzer revealed the storyline that IMPACT Wrestling pitched to the former Inner Circle member.

On the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, Meltzer reported that apparently the storyline that Sammy Guevara turned down was eventually given to the newest IMPACT signing, Black Taurus, who recently joined the Decay stable.

“I had heard from one person at Impact, I don’t know what the creative is that he turned down, but they said that the creative he turned down was something he should turned down. He didn’t like it and they decided to do it with Black Taurus instead and they did not use Sammy.”

After the initial reports saying that Sammy Guevara garnered heat for voicing his opinion on the IMPACT storyline, Dave Meltzer also revealed that there will be no backlash towards Guevara and no one in AEW was upset. Meltzer also believes that this will not tarnish the AEW-IMPACT partnership as well. It remains to be seen what will come next for Sammy Guevara.

Sammy Guevara leaves the Inner Circle and turns babyface

After weeks of animosity with MJF, Sammy Guevara finally announced that he was leaving The Inner Circle following MJF’s latest attempt to get him kicked out from the group. Guevara left through the babyface tunnel and later exited Daily’s Place with his bags saying that he was taking some time off.

With Guevara not appearing on IMPACT Wrestling during his brief absence from AEW TV, it should definitely be intriguing to find out the next chapter in this ongoing saga of The Inner Circle. Sammy Guevara has shown credible babyface qualities and should be in line for a major push as well as feud with MJF when he returns. Fans will be interested to see what happens next with The Inner Circle.

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