Twitter reacts to Dez Bryant’s first TD since 2017

December 21, 2020 0 By boss

Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Dez Bryant had not scored a touchdown since the 2017 NFL Season. That three-year drought ended on Sunday against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Bryant would score his first touchdown in three years, and we all got to see the former All-Pro throw up the “X” one more time.

Let’s take a look on how Twitter reacted to the veteran wide receiver scoring his first touchdown in three years.

The long drive to Dez Bryant’s first TD since 2017

Dez Bryant scored his last touchdown for the Dallas Cowboys in the 2017 NFL Season, against the New York Giants. Bryant would be released by the Cowboys in 2018 and would sign with the New Orleans Saints. Before even playing in an NFL game for the Saints, Dez Bryant would rupture his Achilles and would later be released.

After rupturing his Achilles, NFL fans thought that was the end of Dez Bryant’s NFL career. Dez Bryant would rehab and work out like a man on mission before being signed to the Baltimore Ravens practice squad during the 2020 NFL Season. Dez was blessed that the Ravens gave him the opportunity to play in the NFL again.

When he signed with the Baltimore Ravens, there was one game that he circled on their schedule. December 8, 2020 versus the Dallas Cowboys. Bryant wanted to play against the team that cut him. The Ravens would bump him up to the active roster and his dreams were coming to a reality.

Just before kick off against the Dallas Cowboys, Dez Bryant was called into the Baltimore Ravens locker room. He was notified that he had tested positive for the coronavirus and he would not be playing. Dez Bryant was hurt and took his feelings to Twitter. He tweeted that he was going to hang up the cleats for the 2020 NFL Season.

Bryant would not hang his cleats up and would play for the Baltimore Ravens in Week 15 of the 2020 NFL Season. During the game against the Jacksonville Jaguars, Dez Bryant would have one reception for 11 yards. Those 11 receiving yards would be the best 11 yards of his long journey back to the NFL.

If Dez Bryant was playing the lottery, his ticket would read all one’s. In Week 15 against the Jaguars, Dez Bryant had 1 reception 11 yards and 1 touchdown. That one touchdown was the best touchdown of his NFL career. After everything he had been through in the last three years, that one touchdown made everything worth it.

Published 21 Dec 2020, 06:24 IST

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