Toyota Aygo X Prologue EV revealed as a funky little crossover

March 17, 2021 0 By boss


Look at this quirky thing.


Those of us in North America likely won’t recall the Toyota Aygo name, but it’s an important small car for the company in Europe. On Wednesday, the company showed off the next step for the nameplate as it embraces the electric car lifestyle. Meet the Toyota Aygo X Prologue.

If you’ve been following Toyota’s electric SUV news, the company teased this vehicle last week. It also ruled out any chance of a production car based on this concept coming to the US. If you dig it, I’m sorry to say it won’t be at your local dealer, at least not here. The Aygo X Prologue sports a tiny footprint, but manages to look big and tall at the same time, thanks to the super flared wheel wells with their contrasting color accent. It really draws your eye to the curves, especially from the front three-quarter view. Designers included a pretty dramatic sweep and cut from the side profile into the rear to further accentuate the Aygo X Prologue’s big hips. Frankly, it looks to me like a personal mobility concept more than anything.

Big hips.


The front fascia feels like a natural evolution of the brand’s corporate look, with hooked LED accent lights and headlights connected via a light bar that spans the width of the front bumper. Hexagonal fog lights sit down below, too, to toss in some more funky shapes. Checking out the rear reveals a similar U-shape found up front for the rear taillights. The lights extend vertically into the greenhouse and then connect via another light bar. Somehow, Toyota managed to design something that looks edgy, but fluid at the same time. Toyota said it’s meant to let drivers “make a personal statement.” If the production car comes with lots of color configurations, I can definitely see that.

While Europe gets a taste of what’s to come from the brand’s first EV for the continent, Toyota has not one, but two electric cars it plans to show off for the US sometime this year. Whether the Aygo X Prologue has any influence remains to be seen, but Toyota’s finally jumping aboard the EV wagon, and doing it in a splashy way.


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