This Viral Photo Of Amazon Package Will Surprise You

February 24, 2021 0 By boss


Netizens had a tough time figuring out if this picture was of a cake or an Amazon package.


  • A photo of an Amazon package has gone viral
  • The deceptive image is actually a cake
  • Take a look at how Twitter users reacted to the image

The hyperreal cake was one of the many viral food trends of 2020. We saw how cakes were designed by incredibly talented bakers to look exactly like household objects. This gave birth to a flurry of memes and hilarious videos on social media, where people tried to cut up things at their home in the hope that they turned out to be cake. The year 2021 has seen the hyperreal cake trend going a notch higher, with home chefs and bakers trying out cake shapes like never before. Recently, we saw the viral photos of a man on a hospital bed, which too turned out to be a cake. And now, the photos of an Amazon parcel have gone viral too – because it was actually a cake too! The cake was first shared on Twitter by the baker on her handle:

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Created by Twitter user @angeleseycakeart, the wonderful creation was actually intended for the baker’s son’s birthday. “THIS IS CAKE, NOT an Amazon box! My son’s surprise birthday cake! Happy 24th birthday Kaney,” she wrote in her tweet. The timing of the cake was completely appropriate considering the fact that placing and receiving online orders through packages is quite commonplace. The photographs of the cake went viral on Twitter, and they were picked up by other social media users as well as Amazon UK. “Real or cake,” they wrote asking users to guess if the parcel was actually a cake. Take a look:

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Users could not keep calm on seeing the wonderful hyperreal cake which looked exactly like an Amazon package. The tweets went on to receive over 500k likes and thousands of comments. The incredible detail on the package, including the stone floor made the cake even more authentic. Many Twitter users congratulated the creator of the cake, while others shared their disbelief on seeing the hyperreal cake. Take a look at some of the responses by social media users:

What did you think the pictures featured – an Amazon package or a cake? Tell us what you first thought in the comments below!

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