The Buzz Around Clubhouse the Invite Only Voice Chatting App

The Buzz Around Clubhouse the Invite Only Voice Chatting App

February 19, 2021 0 By boss


The Buzz Around Clubhouse the Invite Only Voice Chatting App
The Buzz Around Clubhouse the Invite Only Voice Chatting App

Clubhouse, a fast-growing audio platform that allows people to host and join audio conservations with other users, is reportedly valued at $1 billion with over 7 million global downloads. Despite its exclusivity and its invite-only- mode, it grew from over 3.5 million global downloads from February 1, 2021, to 8.1 million as of February 16th 2021.

According to Paul Davison, the CEO of Clubhouse the app had grown up to 2 million weekly active users and this figure is only for iPhone users, plans are on-going to expand to the general public so that anyone can join.

What does the Clubhouse app look like?

Once you obtain an invite from a friend to join the club, you can view live discussions happening at various times as well as chats scheduled for later. 

A user’s algorithm syncs with his address book so that he can easily follow people from various fields, work and interests. The chat rooms hosting are usually centred on business, music, film, culture, race, tech and beauty and more.

Who are the Users of Clubhouse

Clubhouse is best-known for attracting major players in Silicon Valley and the entertainment industry. It has hosted experts, venture capitalists, journalists, business moguls, celebrities and others. The likes of Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg and Oprah Winfrey have also spoken on Clubhouse. 

Founded in 2020, it secured $12 million funding from the capital firm Andreessen Horowitz in May. Within the space of one year, it has successfully built its reputation as the next place for people to meet, talk and share ideas.

What comes next for Clubhouse

The social platform is already known for its reputation and will eventually take its place among other social media platforms such as Zoom, Instagram, and Facebook.  

Recently, Clubhouse started facing major challenges many social media platforms face when they scale internationally, in terms of moderation and security. It received some backlash over alleged leniency with harassment where some women on the platform talked about being targets of bullying from other users.

According to the CEO, Clubhouse has already hired moderators. He stated that “Any social network needs to make moderation a top priority.” However, he’s stressed that he wants the platform to centre free speech and dialogue.

He concludes that part of Clubhouse’s future plans is to allow users to make money through the app from subscriptions, holding events, and receiving tips.


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