Thankful Thanksgiving Turkey Crafts For Kids

October 12, 2020 0 By boss

Need to keep the kids busy during the Thanksgiving holiday? How about working on some turkey crafts with them to help get them ready for Thanksgiving and to keep them entertained.

Thanksgiving and turkey crafts are a great way to keep their little hands busy while they are waiting to enjoy a delicious Thanksgiving meal. It is also a great way for them to spend some fun time with friends and family.

These turkey crafts for kids are easy to make and will allow kids to show off their creativity. Once the crafts are finished, they can even use them for Thanksgiving decorations. Looking for more Turkey crafts? Check these out on our sister site.

Want to make a whole day of crafting? How about making som Turkey cookies with these Turkey cookie cutters

and don’t forget a bedtime story all about turkeys and thanksgiving for kids.

  1. Thanksgiving Paper Turkey Craft

Cute and easy to make, this Thanksgiving paper turkey craft is a fun way for kids to get creative during Thanksgiving.

  1. Thanksgiving Turkey Craft

Easy for both adults and children, this Thanksgiving turkey craft will make a great project and Thanksgiving decoration.

  1. Scrap Fabric Turkey Craft

Easy and cute, this turkey craft uses scrap fabric that you have around the house.

  1. Toilet Paper Roll Turkey

Cute and fun, this turkey craft is made from leftover toilet paper rolls and construction paper for a fun Thanksgiving craft.

  1. Turkey Quilling Craft

Super cute, kids may need a little help practicing the quilling but once they get the hang of it this turkey craft will be a great project.

  1. Turkey Wine Glass

Kids will love helping to create these cute turkey wine glasses. After the glasses are dry, they can be used as holiday decorations.

  1. Turkey Rock Craft

Rock painting is always a fun craft for kids and with this tutorial kids will be able to create a turkey for a fun Thanksgiving Day craft.

  1. Turkey Wooden Spoon Craft

An easy Thanksgiving craft for kids, this turkey is made from a wooden spoon and a few art supplies.

  1. Turkey Weaving

Another fun and easy turkey craft for kids, this craft takes string to create these fun weaving decorations.

  1. Pinecone Turkey

This pinecone turkey is an easy and fun Thanksgiving turkey craft for kids. Kids will love the colorful turkey feathers.

  1. Turkey Dot Marker Activity

Kids will love using paint to create this turkey dot marker activity. They can color the printable turkey and decorate it with paint dots.

  1. Brown Paper Bag Turkey

Easy and fun to make, this turkey is made with a brown paper bag, a spoon, and some colorful construction paper.

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