Tesla Model S Plaid kicks up snow in quick teaser video

February 20, 2021 0 By boss


Tesla Model S Plaid testing

Soon. Very soon.


Here’s an incredibly brief look at the Tesla Model S Plaid winter-testing to kick your weekend off. Sound good? Excellent.

Tesla Friday afternoon tweeted the supershort video of its upcoming electric sedan, which just shows the Model S Plaid launching and kicking up snow during a session of winter testing. At least, we assume Tesla’s talking about the Plaid variant here. The sedan should start deliveries as soon as March, while the Plaid Plus won’t arrive until late this year. Nevertheless, putting over 1,000 horsepower down in the snow in either car definitely requires some thoughtful testing, and hopefully a nice set of winter tires.

If you missed the juiced-up specs at the sedan’s impromptu reveal last month, the refreshed Model S in Plaid form gains a third motor to churn out 1,020 hp, some “carbon-sleeved rotors” and torque vectoring. Tesla estimates it’ll do 390 miles of range on a single charge, go 0-60 mph in 2 seconds and hit 200 mph.

The Model S Plaid Plus is set to enter production in late 2021 and the company claims the electric sedan will become the world’s most aerodynamic car with the variant’s introduction. As the Plus name suggests, this one dials up the Model S Plaid’s bonkers performance. Tesla said it makes 1,100 hp and clocks a 0-60 mph in under 2 seconds. It should also run the quarter mile in fewer than 9 seconds, reach a top speed of 200 mph and return 520 miles on a single charge. It should be just the thing for Tesla performance fans until a new Roadster finally inches closer to production.

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