Students in France wait for food handouts as COVID-19 destroys part-time jobs : worldnews

February 22, 2021 0 By boss


Irfaq arrived in France in October to complete her business studies degree and had expected to work part-time jobs to supplement the 700 euros a month her father gives her.

Out of anyone they could find they chose a privileged person? I know people who had to sell their homes to eat, people who have no rich parent to help them and had to spend their kids’ college fund on their current house. It’s laughable that this is person is considered “struggling” when most of society simply leaves town when the jobs end. Which just speaks to the migratory nature of capitalism. I’m certain students are struggling, the place I work at is now filled with dropouts that can’t make it anymore and gave up. But these people are no longer students, they are workers who stopped trying to fit themselves into a nonexistent job market and got realistic about how awful the economy really is.

And this says nothing of actual impoverished students who are underwater on their student loans (which will have to be repaid, eventually) and others who are simply poor and will remain poor doing poor jobs. $850/mo would be a godsend to these people and this is the worst Reuters could get? It’s lazy journalism especially when the suffering and human cost is so obvious and visible right now.


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