SolarWinds hack was work of ‘at least 1,000 engineers’, tech executives tell Senate : worldnews

February 24, 2021 0 By boss


After they saw the success of their tactics in 2016 surely you can see why Russia would be keen to boost something that worked.

13 Russians were indicted during Mueller’s investigation.. Those are just the ones that were caught. The operations that were investigated started at least in 2014. Personally I would bet they started investing heavily in cyber since at least 2010 when Stuxnet came out (which was ALSO the work of 100s of engineers if not 1000+)

That number is not as dizzying when you realize stuxnet had 4 different zero days. Each zero day could have involved the labor of countless individuals some maybe not even in direct collaboration with eachother. It is fairly normal for really top secret stuff to be worked on by people completely unaware of what the ultimate purpose of what they are building is or how it all goes together. Think Manhattan Project. That was another massive state sponsored collaboration with hundreds and thousands of engineers working independently for an unknown goal.

It really isn’t that unreasonable to suggest that state sponsored cyberwarfare will have relatively large manpower.


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