Roman Reigns compares himself to “the dreamers” in arrogant Twitter post ahead of Royal Rumble

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Roman Reigns has taken to Twitter ahead of the Royal Rumble to compare himself to all the other “dreamers” who are hoping to main event WrestleMania.

In the post on Twitter, the current WWE Universal Champion was subtle, but was clearly trying to distance himself from the rest of his fellow WWE Superstars who will be entering the Royal Rumble match later tonight. It’s clear The Tribal Chief considers himself superior to the rest of the pack.

Here is what Roman Reigns had to say on Twitter:

“Tonight, every year, everyone else “prepares for the Road to #WrestleMania.” They dream of the main event & hope their hard works pays off. Difference between the dreamers and me is I prepare everyday. I treat every match as the main event. Typically because it is. #RoyalRumble”

The post perfectly encapsulates the arrogance Roman Reigns has embraced as a part of his new heel gimmick. But it also makes for ironic reading, given that Roman Reigns himself has falied to win the Royal Rumble on numerous occassions, and was poorly-received by fans when he was victorious back in 2015.

However, given the direction his character has taken since his SummerSlam 2020 return, posts like these are likely to become commonplace in the weeks and months to come, especially leading up to big pay per view events like Royal Rumble and WrestleMania.

Roman Reigns will face Kevin Owens in a Last Man Standing match tonight at Royal Rumble

Roman Reigns is set to take on Kevin Owens with the Universal Championship on the line at the Royal Rumble later tonight.

The match comes after Adam Pearce’s ascendance to the number one contender spot earlier this month perplexed fans across the globe. However, it would only be one week later when KO would take his place in the title match.

Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens have faced each other multiple times as part of this rivalry, with them coming to blows and trading verbal assaults on SmackDown multiple times, too. Their match tonight may end up being the final chapter in what has been a hard-hitting affair.

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