Raya and the Last Dragon is streaming now on Disney Plus: How to watch

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Raya and the Last Dragon is coming to Disney Plus.


Our fascination with dragons continues, but these aren’t the ferocious fire-breathers of Game of Thrones fame. Raya and the Last Dragon tells of a world where humans and dragons once lived in harmony. When monsters known as the Druun threatened the land of Kumandra, the dragons sacrificed themselves to save the people. But now the Druun are back, and it’s up to Raya and a pill bug named Tuk Tuk to find the last surviving dragon and save the world. Here’s what to know about the movie, and how to watch.

How and when to watch

In the days before the coronavirus pandemic, families probably would’ve flocked to movie theaters to see this film. But like the land of Kumandra, our world has changed. Though the movie will be released in some theaters, it’s also airing on Disney Plus — but even subscribers will have to pay an extra price for the first month of availability.

Disney Plus is now streaming Raya and the Last Dragon. Disney Plus subscribers must pay an additional $29.99 for Premier Access to watch the film. If you pay up, you can watch the movie on disneyplus.com and in the Disney Plus app on select platforms, including Apple, Google, Amazon and Roku. You can then watch the film as many times as you like.

If you don’t want to fork over the extra $30 but do have Disney Plus, you need to wait till June 4, when the movie will run for free on Disney Plus.

There’s also a short, Us Again, that’s scheduled to be released with Raya and the Last Dragon in theaters but apparently won’t come to Disney Plus until June 4. It’s a dialogue-free musical short that tells the story of an elderly man named Art and his young-at-heart wife, Dot, who rekindle their zest for life through dance.

Voice cast

Some big names, including Star Wars star Kelly Marie Tran and rapper and actress Awkwafina, will be providing the voices of the characters.

Kelly Marie Tran plays Raya, the warrior princess who sets out to find the last dragon.

Awkwafina is Sisu, a young water dragon who can transform into a human and is the last of her kind.

Gemma Chan is Namaari, Raya’s enemy.

Daniel Dae Kim is Chief Benja, Raya’s father.

Sandra Oh is Virana, Namaari’s mother.

Benedict Wong is Tong, a warrior giant.

Izaac Wang is 10-year-old Boun.

Thalia Tran is Little Noi, a toddler con artist.

Alan Tudyk is Tuk Tuk, Raya’s best friend, a mix of an armadillo and a pill bug.

Lucille Soong is Dang Hu, chief of the Talon land.

Patti Harrison is the chief of the Tail land.

Ross Butler is the chief of the Spine land.


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