Partner Terms and Conditions

By joining our programmer you agree to follow our terms and conditions.

INTRODUCTION: We are a news website and rely on trusted sources to publish our news. We offer selected candidates to become an author/publisher as per business requirements.


ACCOUNT REGISTRATION: To register with us as an author/publisher you need to send an email to Your application will be thoroughly reviewed and may be responded in 30-90 days if accepted. We reserve the right to deny an application at our discretion.


WHAT IS PARTNER PROGRAM: Partner program is an opportunity for individuals willing to work with us as per their convenience. As a partner, you may be appointed as an author/publisher and shall be assigned tasks as per business requirements and partner skills.


BENEFITS: As a partner, you may be given access to write/publish content(news from verified sources) and shall be given access to track the number of visitors to your article. If the article published by partner becomes one of the sensational/trending news and can organically drive visitors on the website, you may be entitled to receive a part of our revenue.


LIMITATIONS: An article/news may be considered as sensational if it meets the following requirements:

(i) It should be posted on before any other news website.

(ii) It should be obtained from reliable and trusted sources and you should be able to disclose the source to our management if asked.

(iii) It shouldn’t contain any adult/pornographic/mature content.

(iv) Use of any unfair means is strictly prohibited, example but not limited to promoting articles on traffic sharing websites, visiting the article through VPN, spamming, using false advertising, etc.


ACCOUNT TERMINATION: Every article posted should be in line with our policies and if a partner is found to violate any of our terms and conditions, we reserve the right to terminate their account effective immediately with or without any prior notice or communication.