Opel Manta returns as electric sports car and looks like a baby ‘Cuda

March 15, 2021 0 By boss


Opel Manta GSe

I can’t wait to see more.


We don’t get to enjoy the cars Opel produces here on this side of the Atlantic — the last time that happened was under General Motors ownership — but if there was ever a time to wish for more of the German brand, it’s today. On Monday, Opel teased the return of the Manta, only this time, it’s returning as an electric car.

Foremost, if it looks like a baby Plymouth ‘Cuda to you, you’re not alone. Even the highlighter-looking paint color feels like it’s out of the swinging sixties, if you ask me. But, there’s no V8 underneath the hood. Internal-combustion isn’t even present at all. Some sort of electric powertrain handles motivation in Opel’s reborn sports coupe, though it didn’t share details on what exactly we can expect.

Known fully as the Manta GSe ElektroMOD, Opel said the car infuses more than just retro looks. The car’s full title recalls the company’s experimental Elektro GT, an EV based on the classic Opel GT sold 50 years ago. It’s not clear if the brand plans to actually put the Manta back into production with a zero-emissions heart, or if this is some sort of concept, but hopefully it’s the former option, even if we won’t see them on US streets.

We’ll learn more about the car soon as Opel ramps up its electrification efforts. By 2024, every car it sells will have feature some sort of electrification as parent automaker Stellantis charts its future.


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