Nvidia’s RTX 3060 aims to deter crypto-miners – Video

February 26, 2021 0 By boss


If you’ve been looking for a new Nvidia GPU lately, you probably come up short.
But the company just announced some encouraging news about its upcoming RT x 3060 line.
It looks to turn away crypto miners and make way for gamers and we break it down for you
Nvidia’s ampere architecture that’s featured on its latest GPUs like the RTX 3080 and the 3070 are not only wildly impressive when it comes to gaming, they’re also heavily sought out by cryptocurrency miners.
Specifically, a theory of miners because of their high computational yields.
Of course, this works for other currencies too like Bitcoin, but the alt coin aetherium leads the way in GPU mining.
So while GPU shortages remain to be very much a thing, and a lot of the blame for the lack of inventory has been put on crypto miners buying up stock.
Nvidia has come out and said that it’s next GPU, the RT x 3060 will include measures to deter a theory of miners, which should mean it won’t be gobbling up cards.
So how are they going to do this?
It’s simple.
I having the hash rate course.
Okay, I didn’t make that sentence up.
Exactly what they’re doing in video says RT x 3060.
drivers will be programmed to sniff out signs of aetherium mining and limit the hash rate by around 50%.
And not to leave aetherium miners out in the cold.
Nvidia has announced a new line for mining GPUs called CMP cryptocurrency mining processes Nvidia says that adding this branch of GPUs won’t interfere with gaming GPU production either which is a good sign or we can hope so.
So is this the best of both worlds has.
Nvidia found a way to make everyone happy.
Well, maybe they’ve also come out and said that they will not be nerfing existing GPUs so the higher end 30 series cards that are out there in the wild or still yet to be made will still be as desirable as ever.
And crypto miners will want to buy them up.
There’s also some concern about bad actors reverse engineering, the 3060 driver, and basically removing the hash rate limiter.
But [UNKNOWN] reps have been responsive to that worry, especially on Twitter saying that the 3060 silicon includes measures to prevent such a thing.
That’s comforting.
GPU’s continue to be in very high demand and finding a higher end 30 series card will likely continue to be a difficult thing.
But this 3060 news is encouraging.
Here’s hoping the debut of the CMP line of GPU’s helps take the attention away from the 30 series card.
Until they start to roll out it’s going to be very competitive out there.
So don’t really know how much those CNP cards will go for it.
Don’t forget they’re going to need to be priced competitively, one to lure away minors from RTX cards and to to be cost effective enough.
This is just the tip of the iceberg but I hope it helps you understand General situation currently affecting invidious cards and crypto miners.
The R tx 3060 is set to release on February 25, with prices kicking off at around $330.
So, are you going to try and snag one of these?
Sound off in the comment section below.
keep the conversation going and until next time, thanks for watching.


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