LIVE: Atmanirbhar Bharat needed in post-Covid world order, says Modi

February 10, 2021 0 By boss


LIVE News Updates: Prime Minister is speaking in the as he replies to the motion of thanks on the President’s address to Parliament, likely urging farmers to end their over two-month long protest against agricultural reforms

Demanding the repeal of three new farm laws that they say will hurt them to the benefit of large corporations and allow the government to discontinue buying food grains at a minimum support price (MSP), tens of thousands of farmers have been camped on the outskirts of Delhi since late 2020.


Modi, while speaking in the Rajya Sabha on Monday, had said the government-mandated support prices for key crops would remain in place. “MSP was there. MSP is there. MSP will remain in the future,” he said.


He coined two terms—”aandolan jeevi” (professional protesters) and “Foreign Destructive Ideology (FDI)”–to attack the Opposition and foreign individuals who have tweeted in support of the farmers’ protests.


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