Judge in Google case disturbed that ‘incognito’ users are tracked : worldnews

February 27, 2021 0 By boss


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When Google users browse in “Incognito” mode, just how hidden is their activity? The Alphabet Inc. unit says activating the stealth mode in Chrome, or “Private browsing” in other browsers, means the company won’t “Remember your activity.” But a judge with a history of taking Silicon Valley giants to task about their data collection raised doubts Thursday about whether Google is being as forthright as it needs to be about the personal information it’s collecting from users.

Google makes it seem like private browsing mode gives users more control of their data, Amanda Bonn, a lawyer representing users, told Koh.

The judge demanded an explanation “About what exactly Google does,” while voicing concern that visitors to the court’s website are unwittingly disclosing information to the company.

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