Jeep Wrangler EV teased as part of brand’s Easter Safari concepts

March 10, 2021 0 By boss


Jeep Wrangler EV concept teaser

Magneto won’t just be a Marvel character anymore.


What makes up a Jeep Wrangler Magneto? We’ll find out later this month. On Tuesday, Jeep teased its upcoming electric Wrangler concept, which will be part of the brand’s annual round of Easter Safari concept vehicles.

The brand didn’t provide any specifics and didn’t even say the Magneto is electric. However, last month, Jeep included a shadowy photo of an electric Wrangler on its Road Ahead website that went live immediately after its Super Bowl ad aired. Specifically, it named a “100% battery-powered Wrangler BEV” as an upcoming concept car that would debut along with other Easter Safari metal. The company always has a bundle of neat stuff for the event to show us, and the Wrangler Magneto is just the latest.

Last month’s website also seemed to showcase a little bit of the electric Wrangler’s powertrain. Granted information was limited, but it sure looked like the SUV will sport a standard-issue transmission and a transfer case with its electric powertrain. We’ll likely have to wait for the full reveal to learn how Jeep plans to approach the EV era. The brand’s only gone as far as plug-in hybrids thus far.

Alongside the Magneto, Jeep also showed off another sketch that may be for a Wrangler or Gladiator; the sketch only shows the front fascia with some off-road bits attached. Stay tuned as Jeep slips a little more information our way ahead of the Easter Safari that takes place March 27 to April 4.


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