Jazz in rhythm and showing no signs of slowing down

February 15, 2021 0 By boss


The NBA continues to be a muddled mess with, really, just one team that’s managed to separate itself from the rest of the league as the clear team to beat.

This is both good and bad news.

On one hand, it’s been pretty interesting to see an NBA season play out with so much parity, thinking that just about every team can win on any given night. On the other, the overall mediocrity of the league has led to a lesser quality of play than we’re used to seeing.

Here’s a look at how we see the league at the moment.

Buddy Rich-like

Like the greatest jazz drummer of all time (in this humble author’s opinion) the Utah Jazz stand alone as simply the best team in the league right now.

They’ve won 18 of their last 19 and are currently in the midst of a league-best seven-game win streak with no signs of slowing down. Do yourself a favour and check them out if you haven’t had a chance. They’re awesome.

Very good squads

Though not at the level of the Jazz, each of these four teams have been very good this season, but with some concerns.

For example, the Los Angeles Lakers have, by most measures, been great once again, but recent news about Anthony Davis and his Achilles is certainly worrisome.

And looking at the Phoenix Suns, it looks like they can stay at this level, but they’ve been here before and faltered. There are still question marks about their legitimacy.

Solid teams … maybe

Each of these teams look real solid as we creep toward the midway mark of the season. Or at least we think they’re solid teams.

Kevin Durant just can’t seem to stay on the floor for one reason or another for the Brooklyn Nets; the Denver Nuggets and Milwaukee Bucks have been frustratingly inconsistent, looking like world-beaters for some stretches and complete scrubs at others; and we’re cautiously taking a wait-and-see approach with the Portland Trail Blazers and San Antonio Spurs right now.

Mediocrity is a frustrating thing

The same can be applied to many of the other teams at this level, but how frustrating has it been watching the Toronto Raptors get close in games, only to find a way to lose?

It’s a trend that’s indicative of their season as they’ve come close to climbing back to .500, but have stumbled when the time has come.

The good news for them is that they’re still in a play-in tournament position, so the post-season is still a possibility. With recent word that they could be in talks with the Cleveland Cavaliers for Andre Drummond, there’s the possibility they could see a small boost to their playoff chances this season.

What happened to you?

This is a question mainly directed to the Boston Celtics, who are just 3-7 in their last 10 games and have looked dreadful of late.

Thanks to an early season cushion, and the fact there’s so much mediocrity in the Eastern Conference, they haven’t dropped down the standings as much as they probably should have, but there’s something seriously wrong in Boston right now and it can’t just be pegged to injuries.

The bottom

It took a while, but the Oklahoma City Thunder have finally made it to the basement of our list as was expected at the beginning of the season.

Still, though, the Thunder really compete and could very well work their way out of this level as soon as next week, especially after picking up a big win against the Bucks Sunday and seeing Canadian Luguentz Dort put the clamps on LeBron James last week. The Thunder play too hard to truly be an NBA basement dweller.


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