Japan orders record 6,000 tons of Taiwan pineapples | Taiwan News

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During an interview on the radio station Super FM98.5, Council of Agriculture minister Chen Chi-chung on Thursday said that Japan has pre-ordered over 5,000 tons of Taiwan-grown pineapples, In addition, a Japanese multinational distributor has placed a pre-order for 1,200 tons, bringing the total to 6,200 tons, which Chen said set a new record for pineapple exports to Japan.

Wu Ching-lu, honorary chairman of the Taiwan Vegetables and Fruits Exporters Association, was cited by Liberty Times as saying that Japan currently imports about 15 percent of the pineapples it consumes, or about 157,000 tons.

Japanese netizens also spoke out in support of Taiwan pineapples with comments such as: “The CCP’s ban on Taiwan pineapples just proves that Taiwan pineapples are of good quality. If the CCP doesn’t buy them, we Japanese will buy them. I bought some immediately and am eating them.”

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