IWillDominate Will Once Again be Co-Streaming the League of Legends LCS

February 5, 2021 0 By boss

Image via IWillDominate

Christian “IWillDominate” Rivera will once again co-stream the League of Legends LCS after seven long months.

IWillDominate was removed from the League Partnership Program in July 2020, as Riot felt that the streamer was violating its developer’s policies while co-streaming.

Riot had also flagged some of his statements. The former Team Liquid professional was barred from co-streaming the League of Legends LCS ever since. 

However, it seems that Riot has lifted the ban. IWillDominate will once again be a part of the League Partnership Program.

In a recent tweet, he wrote this:

“Happy to announce that I have been given permission by Riot to Co-Stream LCS again! Really thankful that I can resume the co-streams and excited to move forward together with Riot and the LCS into the 2021 season. Co-streams will resume Friday.”

The League of Legends LCS Spring Split officially kicks off this Friday

With the LCS lock-in stages coming to a close, the Spring Split for season 11 will officially kick off this Friday.

With Team Liquid winning the lock-in tournament, League of Legends LCS fans will be looking forward to how well the team performs during the split.

However, Team Liquid is not the only one standing in the spotlight. Cloud9 has also been a dominant side during the lock-in matches. The grand finals between them and Team Liquid was a game of inches. 

With Barney “Alphari” Morris and Luka “Perkz” Perković leaving the LEC to join Team Liquid and Cloud9, respectively, the LCS is shaping up to be incredibly competitive in League of Legends season 11.

The LCS Spring Split starts in a couple of hours. The competition kicks off with TSM vs. FlyQuest at 5 pm CT, with all 10 teams playing on the very first day.

Published 05 Feb 2021, 11:42 IST

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