Israel destroys Irish aid to Palestinian village community : worldnews

February 20, 2021 0 By boss


Blocking aid from other countries, not letting vaccines into Palestinian areas, destroying thousands of palestinian olive trees, constant killing of Palestinians by the military and so called “settlers”, all add up to genocide, every bit as evil and ugly as what happened in Europe in the thirties and forties.

Israel has become a monster. Something no reasonable moral person can support. I am not talking about “Jews”, I am talking about the nation of Israel and its long time ongoing efforts to wipe out Palestinians. I am fed up with excuses, this is genocide.

One notices how cruel self piteous people can be. The same is true of self pitying nations. Nothing you can do to other people could possible hurt as much as you hurt. That is the mindset of nations and individuals blinded by self pity.

That is why far right racists constantly complained that they are the most picked on most discriminated people on the planet, to justify their hatred and desire to do violence to everyone else, while feeling sorry for themselves.

I no longer care what happens to Israel or the many bigots within its population. This is not about Jews per se. Many Jews are Very opposed to what Israel has been doing. I can no longer defend such a country. I have defended Israel long after I should have accepted the terrible reality of what it is and the effect it is having on the world.


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