ISIS bride Shamima Begum not allowed to return to UK , Supreme Court rules : worldnews

February 26, 2021 0 By boss


This whole shit show should be worrying people and not for the reasons that people are already worried.

Revoking citizenship is unheard of for good reason. Next time the UK wants to deport someone undesirable they’ve just opened the door to other countries saying no and revoking their own citizens rights to return. There is a reason why this isn’t done, Javid (ex-Home secretary) did this to throw some cheap red meat to the voters who wouldn’t think twice about it and just want to be angry.

Secondly, she was born in the UK, raised in the UK and educated in the UK. At the end of the day – she isn’t Syria’s responsibility and unless they plan to detain her she is the UK’s responsibility and the UK should live up to it’s responsibility and look to detain her or rehabilitate her.

The UK likes to tout itself as one of the leaders in democracy. Ask people about what the UK stands for, you’ll get various answers, but amongst them, you’ll get stuff like “freedom”, “democracy”, “Rule of Law“, “fairness” etc. etc.

You have true monsters sitting in jail in the UK. They are infinitely worse than Shamima and are guilty of child murder, rape, torture and worse. They were however given due process, a trial and a sentencing. Shamima has received no due process and yet the UK is punishing her. She deserves to be punished and held accountable – but after she is investigated and charged by a jury of her peers.

If you don’t value due process then fair enough – but I can tell you it’s the difference between utter authoritarianism or worse, and a civilised society. Due process is one of the most important rights we have but it hasn’t been afforded to Shamima.

Finally – she was groomed as a 13/14 year old, married off at 15. She has never been outside that bubble since and is now most likely quite indoctrinated. She is surrounded by extremely vicious people who would murder her in her sleep if she spoke out.

She should be brought back to the UK to face investigations abd charges like a civilised country normally does. It should annoy you that they are breaking international law and their own guidelines to show off how “zero-tolerance” they are.

She should be investigated and her culpability established. Was she willing, was she groomed, how did it happen what is the context and at that point society can decide how she should be punished. She could also have knowledge of the inner workings of terrorist cells.

This entire affair is just another embarrassment for the UK and honestly the attitude on reddit has been really disappointing. People refusing to scratch even a small amount below the surface and making up their mind without showing much of an understanding of what may have happened in this instance.

I have zero sympathy for this girl. However, this case has nothing to do with how much sympathy we should have, it’s about upholding the vital principle of due process


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