How to set up your Echo Show 10

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So you’ve just unwrapped your shiny, new Amazon Echo Show 10. You’re headed into an expansive, high-tech experience with Amazon’s most capable smart display. Here’s a quick guide on setting up your new device and the options you have for customizing some of this smart display’s unique features. 

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First, make sure you’ve downloaded the Alexa app for iOS or Android. Power on the device and select your preferred language.

You Echo Show 10 will greet you with a “Hello! Ready for setup” and begin searching for a Wi-Fi network. Select your network and enter the password.

Next, you’ll log into your Alexa account on the screen of your Echo Show 10. If you haven’t created an account yet, you can do that from the Alexa mobile app or on Amazon’s website. Agree to Amazon’s terms and conditions, and you’ll be on your way to making the Echo Show 10 fit your specific smart home needs.

From there, the Echo Show 10 will offer a series of options for new device owners like time zone and current address for weather and traffic information.

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Next, you’ll choose a group for your Echo Show 10. You can choose from commonly used groups or groups you’ve already set up. You can also skip this portion if you’re not sure yet where you want to keep your display.

On the next screen, you’ll give your device a name, such as “Molly’s Echo Show.” Remember that this name might need to be said out loud for some connecting and controlling, so pick something easy to shout out in a few words.

Finally, you’ll be offered options for customizing wallpaper. You can choose from your own Amazon Photos album, or from preloaded albums such as Art, Travel, Seasonal, Abstract Shapes and Nature.

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Once your initial setup is complete, your Echo Show 10 will display a screen explaining that your device can be used to help monitor your home. You can enable this, and allow other members of your household to livestream the camera feed from anywhere via the Alexa app or other connected devices, such as a second Echo Show. 

When someone is viewing the livestream, you’ll see a banner notification on the display of the Echo Show 10. If you enable this feature, you’ll find your Echo Show 10 in the Alexa app under Devices > Cameras. Tap the device in that menu to view the livestream. 

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Customizing motion

Up next in setup is Motion, the standout feature of this smart display and perhaps the reason you bought this specific Echo Show. 

Upon first use, your display will guide you through setting up the Motion feature by asking where you’ve placed the device and allowing you to preview how far it rotates. You can customize the motion using a sliding bar on the display screen. You can also set the idle position (where the Echo Show 10 sits when it’s not moving) on first setup. 

If you’d like to limit when Motion is triggered, you can do that in the settings.

Swipe down from the top of the display and select Settings.

Select Motion from the side bar. On the next screen you’ll find three options:


This allows you to toggle motion on or off completely. Slide the toggle to disable motion and use your screen as a stationary smart display.

Motion Preference

Here, you can set boundaries for when the Echo Show 10 will move with you. Tap Motion Preferences to see the next screen with options for During All Activities, During Select Activities and On Request

Choose During All Activities for Alexa to follow you when you ask a question, listen to music, watch videos and more. Choose During Select Activities to turn off motion unless you’re in a video call or viewing multimedia like videos or recipes. On Request turns off motion unless you say, “Alexa, follow me.” 

Device Mapping & Idle Position

This is where you’ll configure (or reconfigure) the range of motion for your Echo Show 10. You’ll be able to preview the range of motion, as well as adjust the idle position. 


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How physical controls work

There are four physical buttons on the top of the Echo Show 10. These let you quickly adjust camera, volume and mic settings without needing to call on Alexa by name.

On the right end of the display’s top edge, you’ll find the manual camera shutter. Slide this to place a white cover over the Echo Show 10’s camera lens. Sliding this shutter also disables all motion, since the Echo Show 10 uses the camera to find you in a room. 

Volume up and down buttons sit on the top of the device in the middle. 

A mute button, or what Amazon calls the “mic/camera” button on the far left disables both the microphone as well as the camera and its motion.  

With all your personal preferences in place, you can now move on to creating Alexa Routines, streaming your favorite tunes or trying a new recipe with the help of your smart display.


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