How Many Differences Can You Spot In These Pics Shared By The CIA?

December 21, 2020 0 By boss

How many differences can you find between these two images?

The Central Intelligence Agency of the United States recently challenged its Twitter followers to a fun puzzle. The CIA has shared brain teasers and puzzles on social media in the past as well. From questions designed to test a user’s analytical skills to their observation powers, these puzzles are always a good way to keep your little grey cells working. 

This time, the CIA shared two illustrations that look the same at first glance and asked their followers to find all the differences between the two. The illustrations both feature picturesque red-roofed houses and trees against a dark sky. However, there are certain differences in both these pics and social media users have been challenged to find them all.

“You know how this works. Let us know how many differences you find,” the CIA wrote while sharing the pics on Twitter last week. Take a look:

The tweet quickly garnered thousands of ‘likes’ and responses from people trying their hand at CIA’s challenge. 

“I found 13 differences,” wrote one Twitter user.


“I can neither confirm nor deny I find differences,” another quipped.

How many discrepancies were you able to spot? Check your tally against CIA’s below:

In September, the Central Intelligence Agency had challenge Twitter users to find 10 differences between two near-identical images. Twitter users took up the challenge with enthusiasm, and managed to find more than 10 differences between the two pics.

How many differences could you find? Let us know using the comments section.

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