Hand sanitizer, face masks, more: 5 essential items to pack for school

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Here are some extras your kid will need to bring to school this year.

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With COVID-19 vaccine distribution on an accelerated course, more cities, states, and counties are preparing to reopen schools and classrooms. Others have been in-session or following hybrid in-person and online models for months. But what does back to school look like now, especially with new CDC guidelines for vaccinated people like parents and teachers?

Will mask mandates still be in effect for most states? How will schools deal with testing and any new outbreaks? While there’s so much we still don’t know, we help you feel out some helpful items your child (or teenager) can pack to help protect themselves and others from the coronavirus

In the meantime, here’s when kids could get the COVID-19 vaccine, vaccine myths you’ll want to avoid and what you need to know about coronavirus herd immunity.

Items your kids will need to bring when schools reopen

Water bottle

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For your older kids in high school, a self-cleaning bottle is a great option for them to take to school daily. As for your elementary and middle school-aged kids, opt for a motivational water bottle that reminds them to drink their water.

Extra school supplies

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During this time, borrowing pencils or other objects is not recommended as it breaks the physical distancing barrier between two students, or student and teacher. It’s best to send your kids to school with extra pencils, paper, glue and other items they’ll need each day.


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Send your kids to school with a package of tissues daily to prevent them from moving around the classroom more than necessary.

What’s the status on vaccines for kids?

At this time, no vaccine has been approved for those who are under the age of 16 — Pfizer is the only one that has an approved vaccine for teens age 16 and older. Moderna and Pfizer are both testing their vaccines on kids between the ages of 12 and 17

Moderna expects to have its label expanded for the vaccine to cover those between the ages of 12 and 17 by this summer. Johnson and Johnson, which was authorized for emergency in February, plans to test its vaccine in kids ages 12 and younger “soon,” including infants, the New York Times reported.

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What are some safety protocols to follow when sending my kids back to school?

Here are some recommendations to follow when sending your kids back to the classroom.

  • Check their temperature daily. If it’s over 100.4, keep them at home.
  • Make sure they don’t have any COVID-19 related symptoms, like a sore throat or coughing.
  • Remind them to wash their hands thoroughly and often while at school.
  • Remind them to socially distance themselves from others and to keep their masks on unless eating or drinking.
  • Let them know that while it’s kind, sharing school supplies isn’t the safest option right now.
  • When they return home from school, spray their backpacks with disinfectant spray.

For more information, here’s where to find a leftover COVID-19 vaccine near you, all the COVID-19 vaccine details you need to know and where to get the vaccine right now.

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