Google Doodle shows us Ireland for St. Patrick’s Day 2021

March 17, 2021 0 By boss



Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


Wednesday is St. Patrick’s Day, the annual holiday when we celebrate the cultural heritage of Irish people around the world.

And although this year’s celebrations are again a bit subdued by the coronavirus pandemic, Google is bringing us a little Irish spirit by way of a Doodle adorned with symbols of the Emerald Isle. Illustrated by Dublin-based guest artist Arron Croasdell, the Doodle features symbols that represent Ireland’s diverse geography, architecture and history.

In creating his artwork, Croasdell said he drew inspiration from contemporary design styles.

“I want people to know that Ireland is more than just the stereotypes,” he toldĀ Google. “It has a vibrant culture and landscape, as well as a thriving design and illustration scene.”

With the Doodle’s G, Croasdell introduces us to Ireland’s green mountains, forests and coastal lighthouses, while the first O depicts the Claddagh ring, a traditional Irish ring first introduced in the 17th century whose symbols represent love (the heart), loyalty (the crown) and friendship (the hands).

The second O depicts a vase containing Irish wildflowers such as spring squill and crocuses, along with the iconic shamrock, or three-leaf clover. The second G depicts the many rivers that run through Ireland’s cities and towns, while the L represents the island’s natural woodlands.

Rounding out the Doodle, so to speak, the E has been replaced by a Celtic knot, whose unending loops represent the Celtic belief in life’s interconnectedness and continuity.

It also represents hope, and here’s hoping you have a happy St. Patrick’s Day.


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