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Epic Games

Looking for a solid puzzle-solving adventure game with a heady theme and lot of meat on the plot to ponder after the game is over? Get ready to play The Fall. If you’re a gamer, or you just visit The Cheapskate occasionally, you may know that Epic Games gives away a free game every Thursday. Each week is a new surprise treat, with past weeks featuring gems like GTA 5, Rage 2, Hitman and Watch Dogs 2. This week’s free game is The Fall, a $10 value. 

The Fall has a brilliant premise — you’re the artificial intelligence inside a space suit, trying to find medical attention for the unconscious, gravely injured astronaut trapped inside. As such, you get motor control of the suit and set off on a dangerous planet to fulfill your primary mission objective. Some of your limitation include your programming — you’re not allowed to lie, for example, but what protocols can you break to complete your mission? 

The game is a bit of a mixed bag; when it was new in 2015, gamers and reviewers loved the premise, storytelling and graphics, but thought some of the puzzles and gameplay fell a little flat toward the third act. But while that might have given you pause when the game cost $10, this week it’s free. Take a chance. 

If you’re new to Epic’s weekly giveaway, here’s how it works: If you don’t already have one, sign up for your free Epic account. Then just claim your free game — it’s yours to keep forever. You don’t even need to install it right away if you don’t want to. You can claim your free game anytime between now and the morning of March 25. 

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