Free Winter Mittens Hand Embroidery Pattern – Needle Work

December 21, 2020 0 By boss


When the cold weather arrives, it’s nice to have a hand embroidery project to work on.  This charming design from Sarah Ashford over at Polka Dot Chair is an easy and quick make for you to try.

Including a few lyrics from a popular holiday song, the project incorporates all kinds of pretty elements like seed beads, tiny silver snowflake embellishments, and felt.  It has a mini pom pom border around the outside, and is finished off with a ribbon for hanging it.

There are a couple of different stitches used.  For the wording, the backstitch is used.  A blanket stitch is used to put the mittens on and a chain stitch is used for attaching the mittens together.

This tutorial details every step in the process and has plenty of beautiful photos to help guide you along the way.

It’s just such a pretty project that brightens up those grey winter days.  The mittens remind me of a pair that my daughter had when she was a young girl.  It think that is what drew me to this charming project.

Click here to get this free pattern: Winter Themed Hand Embroidery Pattern

[photo from Polka Dot Chair]

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