Fortnite season 6 starts March 16. Here’s everything we know

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What’s happening with the Zero Point?

Epic Games

Fortnite season 6 launches next week. Developer Epic Games will bring season 5 to a close, which was full of appearances from pop culture icons such as the Mandalorian, Master Chief and Black Panther. 

The popular battle royale game will start its next season soon. That means possible changes to the map, along with new character skins and a season-ending event. 

Here’s everything to know about Fortnite season 6

When does season 6 start?

The start date is Tuesday, March 16, with season 5 ending March 15. There’ll be a season-ending event called Zero Crisis Finale. Players will be able to partake in the experience when Epic provides a date and time for the event. 

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What’s the theme for season 6? 

We don’t know yet. Season 5 was full of the best hunters across realities, hence the star-studded cast of the Mandalorian, Master Chief, Black Panther, Kratos and even Michonne and Darryl from The Walking Dead. 

Expect some answers during the Zero Crisis Finale. Agent John Jones, a member of the Imagined Order organization, was the one responsible for gathering all the hunters across different realities. We’ll find out what the result of his mission is, and what changes to reality will come of it. 

The Zero Point, the orb that controls reality in the game, will likely play a key role in what happens next season. Players already noticed this week that the orb appears to be cracking. What happens when it opens completely is still a mystery. 

What happened in season 5? 

This season was one of the longest, lasting 15 weeks. Over the course of those weeks, Agent Jones traveled to different realities to recruit hunters with the goal of stopping anyone from escaping the Loop through the Zero Point. Each week a new hunter was revealed from pop culture universes such as Halo, Star Wars, Street Fighter, Aliens, G.I. Joe, DC Comics and Marvel. 

Fortnite is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Switch and Android. It still unavailable for iOS and Mac devices because of a legal battle between Apple and Epic Games.


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