Fortnite “Marvel Royalty and Warriors” pack likely to drop tonight, priced at $25

December 21, 2020 0 By boss

Multiple Fortnite leaks and news accounts on Twitter have suggested that the Marvel Royalty and Warriors pack could drop tonight.

Rumored to be priced at $25(Not V-Bucks), the Marvel Royalty and Warriors pack in Fortnite will be introducing three new characters into the game. Apart from that, the pack is also rumored to consist of three harvesting tools and two gliders.

After the massive success of the Marvel-themed storyline in Nexus Wars, Epic Games is introducing Taskmaster, Black Panther, and Captain Marvel herself, to Fortnite.

It seems safe to say that the community is extremely excited for the pack to release, and if these leaks are to be trusted, it will be introduced to Fortnite extremely soon.

However, before it does, here’s everything that fans need to know about the Marvel Royalty and Warriors pack in Fortnite.

Marvel Royalty and Warriors pack in Fortnite

According to @EverythingFNG, the pack should be available on all devices after five hours from the first device getting it. The leak also suggests that the pack will be priced at $25, after it was leaked from the PlayStation Store.

The Marvel Royalty and Warriors Pack contains a bunch of new skins and items for players to obtain. The contents of the pack include:

  • Black Panther Skin (with style modifier)
  • The Taskmaster Skin
  • Captain Marvel Skin (with style modifier)
  • Three dedicated back blings
  • Three dedicated Pickaxes
  • Two unique gliders

The backblings, pickaxes, and gliders are yet to be revealed, as Epic Games could follow the leak by preponing the release date for the pack. No matter when it is released or what the additional cosmetics might look like, the addition of two popular skins from the Marvel Cinematic Universe makes this pack a must-have for any passionate Fortnite fan.

Nevertheless, Epic Games has not made any official statement about the release of the Marvel Royalty and Warriors pack in Fortnite. At least for the time being, Fortnite fans can do nothing more than refreshing the Item Shop, as they wait in anticipation for the new pack to launch.

Published 21 Dec 2020, 00:00 IST

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