European spies are alarmed after a scientist with top security clearance was caught working for China, sources say : worldnews

March 19, 2021 0 By boss


Intelligence officials around Europe were alarmed by the news that a prominent scientist was convicted in the Baltic states for spying for China. […]

The prompt was the sentencing by Estonia of Tarmo Kõuts, 57, to three years in prison. Kõuts had close ties to the Estonian military and worked on multiple sensitive projects, per reports.[…]

Prosecutors said Kõuts began spying for China in 2018, and was arrested in secret last September. He had received about $20,000 and several luxury trips, according to accounts provided to the media by Danish government officials. […]

The Baltic official said: “Russian intelligence activity obviously takes the highest priority in our neighborhood but the amount of resources required to monitor China increases for us each year. Our natural experience is more with the Russians but we have been warning about China for well over a year.”

Man, China appears to have their tentacles in deep around the globe… 😕


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