EU accused of ‘neocolonial’ plundering of tuna in Indian Ocean : worldnews

March 5, 2021 0 By boss


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A former Seychelles fishery official has accused the EU of “Hypocrisy and neocolonialism”, while the Maldives described the EU’s proposals to rebuild yellowfin populations as “Woefully inadequate”.

Each proposal is complex, but according to the Global Tuna Alliance, an independent body representing retailers and brands, the result is clear: the EU proposal would see 6% less yellowfin caught in 2021 compared with 2014 levels, while the Maldives proposal would mean a reduction of 14%. The GTA welcomed both proposals but said the Maldives proposal was “Much closer” to its own calls for a cut of 20%. “Neither should be regarded as end points,” the GTA said.

“Unsurprisingly, the EU has put forward a yellowfin proposal that is woefully insufficient, would not lead to the timely recovery of the stock and could in fact allow the EU fleet to increase its own catches, compared to 2019,” Rattle said.

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