Dubai foils 103 bids to smuggle ‘paan’, narcotic pills among other items – News

October 20, 2020 0 By boss


Inspectors carried out up to 104,074 inspection operations during eight months.

As many as 103 smuggling bids were thwarted by the Dubai Customs at Jebel Ali Centre in the first eight months of this year. 

Jebel Ali inspectors also carried out up to 104,074 inspection operations and scanned a total of 144,025 containers during the same period from January 1 to August 31, figures indicate.

Yousef Al Hashmi, director of Sea Customs Centres Management, said the seized goods included 33,930kg of sandalwood.

“Smuggling sandalwood violates CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) and is prohibited.”

Another seizure included 53,760 narcotic pills which were packed in 32 boxes, he added.

“Customs inspectors also foiled an attempt to smuggle narcotic (paan) that was packed in 5.5 million plastic bags and hidden in 92,400 boxes.”

Dubai Customs keeps upgrading its inspection systems to thwart all smuggling attempts of banned goods, he underlined.

“At Jebel Ali Customs Centre, we have six advanced container scanning systems that can handle 900 containers per hour.”

Hashmi explained the system alerts the inspectors about any suspicious shipments by identifying density of materials inside the container.

“Aided by the K9 Sniffing Dogs Unit, the inspectors can easily recognise and detect any prohibited materials.”

Ahmed Al Jamri, senior inspection manager at Jebel Ali Customs Centre, said despite the challenging situation amid the Covid-19 pandemic, the teams work hard to ensure safe and efficient inspection operations.

“All inspection officers are equipped with the latest tools and technologies as well as advanced training.”


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