Crochet Hat And Beanie Mini Course With Video Tutorials – Crochet

February 17, 2021 0 By boss



I came across this Hat & Beanie Mini-Course/Ebook while blogging about Niki’s Course 300 Crochet Tips !  It seemed lot’s of you were loving this course and sent me e-mails with a shout out about it.

So what does this course or e-book have?  20 Crochet Patterns + 3 very detailed tutorials to make the perfect beanie or hat all in 1 ebook plus videos embedded into the Mini-Course to give visual guides.

Every time you need a hat or beanie, this mini-course has you covered with 20 Beanie patterns and tutorials.

For the full list of the 20 patterns check them out here, you may also want to take a look at the rest of Niki’s E-books too.

Why are Crochet E-books good? the instant gratification of course. Not waiting for your book delivery. If you have yarn then you are ready to go straight away.  Download today and start crocheting!


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