Coronavirus latest: New Zealand says quarantine can handle UK variant without travel ban

December 22, 2020 0 By boss

Countries in Asia, the Middle East and Africa have joined European nations banning flights to and from the UK in hopes of containing a mutated coronavirus that might be more contagious.

Travel bans on passengers from the UK now cover at least 37 countries and territories.

Meanwhile, British Airways and Delta Air Lines will test passengers for coronavirus before they board flights to John F Kennedy airport, according to New York governor Andrew Cuomo.

Mr Cuomo also urged Virgin Atlantic, which also operates JFK-UK flights, to begin testing travellers

On Monday, Pakistan imposed a week-long ban from Tuesday on travellers arriving from the UK, while Iran, Hong Kong and India joined a list of countries stopping flights from Britain on Monday.

Saudi Arabia has suspended all international flights for at least a week while Kuwait barred flights from the UK over fears of the new strain.

A woman tries to check in for a flight to London at the airport in Düsseldorf

Canada and Israel also halted traffic to and from the UK.

Spain and Portugal suspended flights from the UK except for those carrying Spanish citizens or residents, while Hungary imposed a ban from midnight on Monday.

Gibraltar, the British territory that borders Spain, will request all people arriving from the UK to provide a negative coronavirus test, either taken at the airport or during the three preceding days.

Switzerland’s governing Federal Council announced a blanket ban on all travellers from Britain and South Africa on Monday, although the new, more infectious variant of coronavirus is likely to be already present there.

Russia also banned UK flights on Monday, while Turkey temporarily suspended flights from Britain, as well as from the Netherlands, Denmark and South Africa,

France, Italy and Germany blocked arrivals after a fresh lockdown was imposed on south-east England over the weekend.

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