Colonial Stitch Hand Embroidery Tutorial – Needle Work

February 7, 2021 0 By boss


Are you looking for a new stitch to add to your hand embroidery repertoire?  Perhaps you want a stitch that looks like a french knot but is a bit different?  This tutorial from Polkadots & Blooms demonstrates the colonial knot.

As the author says, the end result looks like french knots but is a bit tighter.  Colonial knots can be used to achieve the same result as french knots, but because of the way the knot is formed it has a slightly different look to it.  It has a higher profile to it, is a bit more rounded, and is a little bit larger.

From beginning the stitch to finishing it off, the author provides detailed step-by-step instructions along with photos.  Not only that, she has a video tutorial as well.  You should be able to pick up this new stitch in no time.

It is always nice to learn a new stitch in hand embroidery.  New stitches can add another level of dimension and interest to a project.

To learn how to make colonial knots click here: How to Stitch Colonial Knots

[photo from Polkadots & Blooms]



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