Calgary, Canada police investigating Confederate flag flying in Union Cemetery : worldnews

March 18, 2021 0 By boss


some americans live here. i don’t know if this guy was american. but in calgary there’s a dude with a crazy mega texas truck. like it’s a white truck, but he put american flag decals all over it, eagle pictures on little fenders and big horn metal logo things all over his truck. he’s also got a ton of lights on the roof of the truck. like he’s really looking for attention.

but that’s not even the worst part. he has 2 of those trucks. they’re identically decorated. why he needs 2 i dunno, but those people exist here in alberta. there’s also a bunch of trump supporters up here. there was like some rally or something of trump supporters back when they still thought the election was stolen. few dozen people showed up or something, don’t remember.


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