Brother Anwar Jamal’s Tweet To Railways Help Nazia Tabassum Reach Exam Hall On Time

February 6, 2021 0 By boss

Nazia Tabassum, a resident of Mau, had her centre for the examination in Varanasi. (Representational)


The brother of a girl, whose exam was scheduled to be held at 12 noon but her train was delayed due to fog, tweeted to the Indian Railways that ran the train at full speed and she was able to take the exam.

After her brother’s tweet, the North Eastern Railway on Wednesday made efforts to ensure that she did not miss her basic teacher certificate (BTC) DLED examination.

Nazia Tabassum, a resident of Mau, had her centre for the examination in Varanasi. Tabassum had a reservation in Chhapra-Varanasi Intercity Special (05111).

On the examination day, the train, which was supposed to reach Mau Junction at 6:25 am was running late by more than 2.5 hours due to fog.

As the train had not reached Mau even after 8 am, Tabassum informed her brother Anwar Jamal that the exam would be missed due to the delay in the train.


After this, Jamal tweeted to the Railways and informed that the examination would be missed if the train did not reach on time. The Railways took note of Jamal’s tweet and ran the 2.5-hour delayed train at full speed to reach Varanasi by 11 am.

Speaking to ANI, Nazia Tabassum said, “My examination was from 12 noon at Vallabh Vidyapeeth Balika Inter College in Varanasi. The train in which I had a reservation was running more than 2.5 hours late. Then, I called my brother and he tweeted to the Railways for help.”

Tabassum said after her brother’s tweet, Railways called her and assured her that she would reach on time. Finally, she reached the examination centre in Varanasi 45 minutes before the examination was to begin.

Anwar Jamal, Tabassum’s brother told ANI, “I sought help from the Railways through a tweet. After 10 minutes, railway authorities made a call on my sister’s phone and assured us that we would reach on time. The train arrived at Mau at 9:18 am and reached Varanasi by 10:57 am.”

Jamal thanked railways on Twitter after they reached the examination centre on time.

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