Bill Gates says end to Covid pandemic ‘very easy’ compared with climate change battle | World | News

Bill Gates says end to Covid pandemic ‘very easy’ compared with climate change battle | World | News

February 16, 2021 0 By boss


He also said that solving global warming would be “amazing” and make ending the pandemic look “very, very, easy” in comparison, in a BBC interview. The Microsoft billionaire claims that global warming poses one of greatest existential threats to human life as we know it. In an interview with Derek Muller on the YouTube channel “Veritasium”, Mr Gates predicted that deaths caused by climate change would be “even greater than we have had in this pandemic.”

Now the Silicon Valley entrepreneur has written a new book called “How to Avoid a Climate Disaster”, in which he maps out a strategy to prevent the looming catastrophe.

Currently the world produces 51 billion tonnes of greenhouses gases.

To solve the problem, carbon dioxide emissions will have to be reduced to zero, Mr Gates argues.

Green energy is insufficient to save the planet, as electricity production accounts for less than 30 percent of total emissions.

To decarbonise the other 70 percent will require profound changes to industrial manufacturing processes and transport systems.

This will require technological innovation on a scale never seen before, alongside government intervention, according to Mr Gates.

Governments must act now and one way they can help bring about change is by pricing in the real cost of using fossil fuels.

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“Business just can’t change all that physical infrastructure unless the market signals are constant and very clear,” he said.

Mr Gates also claimed that consumers have their role to play in tackling global warming and must make their voices heard.

He explained: “If you buy an electric car, a hamburger made of a meat substitute, an electric heat pump for your home you are helping increase the production of these products and therefore helping drive prices down.”


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