Baby dies of heart attack following baptism in Romania : worldnews

Baby dies of heart attack following baptism in Romania : worldnews

February 5, 2021 0 By boss


hahaha, right? Was thinking this exact thing when reading the title . But i’m romanian at origin… the Orthodox Curch still has a huge grip on power by vote manipulation in the masses, as many still live in rural areas, the only link to politics is via the Local Priest , so do the math … Political parties have to –

1 – pretend like they are also into the God story/church (they aren’t obviously, it’s just low lvl manipulation) ,

2 – They Need the voting hands under some form of control and if Church does that for them it’s a win/win for both sides

3 – peopple gathered together are like a herd of cattles… you can guide them quite easy with a few dogs wherever you want them.

Church pay 0 taxes in Romania and operate a Huge donation scheme almost with every ocation (meaning any possible Christian made up celebrations on the calendar – if you check the Orthodox calendar for 1 year in Romania , you find More Days of Church celebrations then No church celebration + every Sunday) … you should simply see the convoy of last type of Mercedes rolling in when the boys come into town :))

We have a saying – whatever you do with your own hands it’s called Manual Labour (implies that stupid behaviour leads to stupid results, like the upper case)


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