Around 1,000 women gather in Istanbul to protest against femicides : worldnews

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3 Min Read.ISTANBUL – Around 1,000 women gathered near Istanbul’s main Taksim Square on Monday, protesting what they see as a lack of action by authorities to prevent and punish violence against women, in a country where femicide rates have surged in recent years.

The protesters, mostly women carrying purple flags with women and LGBTI+ signs and wearing purple masks reading “We will win our freedom,” gathered on a main street after police closed off the entrances to Taksim Square on International Women’s Day.Women police stood with their arms linked at the end of the street, blocking entry to the square while behind them stood fences, police in riot gear and water cannon trucks.

Speaking at a congress of his AK Party’s women’s wing, President Tayyip Erdogan said Turkey would establish a commission in parliament to address issues regarding violence against women.

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