Apple Music Replay 2021 playlist with your favorite songs for 2021 is now available

February 15, 2021 0 By boss


2021 is still far from gone; however, Apple Music’s Replay 2021 feature is now available for you to track your favorite songs more easily, reports 9to5Mac. The feature is similar to Spotify’s Wrapped, however, the latter is available at the end of the year as a recap of your favorite music tracks.

Replay 2021 is a playlist of your favorite music in Apple Music that updates every week on Sunday. Until now, it wasn’t available for 2021, but starting now you can check out the music you’ve listened to most in the last month and so. It will continue to get updated when you listen to new songs throughout the year.

You can find the playlist in the “Listen Now” section of the Apple Music app. To locate it, swipe all the way to the bottom where you will find the Replay 2021 playlist. And, as with any other playlist, you can add it to your Library, download the content, shuffle, share songs etc.

Because it’s still quite early in 2021, your Apple Music stats for 2021 page still shows your stats from 2020.


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