Amnesty strips Alexei Navalny of ‘prisoner of conscience’ status Rights group has been under pressure to condemn past statements by Kremlin critic : worldnews

February 25, 2021 0 By boss


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Amnesty International has said it will cease calling Alexei Navalny a “Prisoner of conscience”, following pressure to condemn anti-migrant statements he made in the 2000s as hate speech.

Amnesty International’s change in policy was made internally and was revealed this week in an email exchange posted online by Aaron Maté, a US journalist who has been critical of Navalny.

Julie Verhaar, Amnesty International’s acting secretary general, said in emailed remarks on Wednesday evening: “The speculation around Amnesty International’s use of the term ‘prisoner of conscience’ is detracting attention from our core demand that [Navalny] be freed immediately.”

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