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March 5, 2021 0 By boss



Epic Games

If you’re a gamer, or you just visit The Cheapskate occasionally, you probably know that Epic Games gives away a free game every Thursday. Each week is a new surprise treat, with past weeks featuring gems like GTA 5, Rage 2, Hitman and Watch Dogs 2. This week’s freebie is Wargame: Red Dragon, regularly $30. 

Wargame: Red Dragon was the second entry in the Wargame series (the follow-up to Wargame: AirLand Battle). The Wargame series emphasizes realistic-looking graphics and authentic combat, and this game adds naval warfare to the air and land components already in its predecessor. It’s a fun real-time strategy game that still looks great despite its age. 

One of the most thrilling aspects of Red Dragon is the sheer scope of the game. With the weapons and vehicles of 17 nations at your disposal, there are over 1,400 playable unit types in the game, all meticulously reproduced. If you want more, you can always purchase the two add-ons which add even more nations and weapons to the melee. 

If you’re new to Epic’s weekly giveaway, here’s how it works: If you don’t already have one, sign up for your free Epic account. Then just claim your free game — it’s yours to keep forever. You don’t even need to install it right away if you don’t want to.

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